Omerta - The Old Fashioned Gentleman

Current Loyalty Coin Valuation

UPDATED 3/14/2022
Original Price: $25
Current Price: $28.29
Equity: $985.95
Coin CAP: $50
Total Coins: 300
Coins Available: 125
Maturity: 12 Months from purchase date.

What is a loyalty coin?

A loyalty coin is a collectable coin that holds value. It can be purchased, sold back after maturity for a profit, traded for exclusive products or content or just collected.

How does my coin grow in worth?

Each coin series has an exclusive discount code that gives the user a percentage off. That code should be shared with your circle as much as possible. The more it is used, the more value it gives the coin.

How does the value work?

Our first release “The Fugio” works like this:

300 coins available to market

LYTCN22 code gives customer 20% off purchases.

If code generates $10,000 in sales then that 20% ($2,000) goes to “Market”

Market ($2,000) gets spread over 300 coins $25 + 6.66 = $31.66 Coin Value

What does the coin valuation mean?

Original Price – The original purchase price of the coin
Current Price – What one coin is currently valued at
Market: $0.00 – The amount the code has generated that will be split amongst all coins in it’s series
Coin CAP – The most the coin can be valued at from market share.
Total Coins – How many coins are available in the series
Coins Available – How many of these coins are left in the series to be purchased
Maturity: 12 Months from purchase date.

Can I gift my coin? How do I sell it back?

Can I gift my coin? How do I sell it back?

No you cannot gift your coin. All coins are in our database and have several safeguards and authentications to keep these from being replicated. No we are not going to share all of them but the coin also comes with a certificate.

We will be launching “the loyalty coin network” soon with all the information on selling back coins and trading them in for exclusive content and deals so please be patient. These will not “mature” or be able to be sold back for 12 months.

Why would I buy one of these loyalty coins from you?

Omerta MIA has been going strong for over 7 years! Over that time period we have gained a lot of loyal supporters and designed this specifically for our die hards! We wanted to design a great new concept to give back and show appreciation. We have always been huge fans of the collector market place and after numerous brain storming session came up with this fun new network. This coin will offer active shareholders numerous limited edition perks, deals and once your coin has matured you can sell it back to us for a profit if you choose. There is no limit to how many you can purchase!

Why would you pay me up to $50 to buy back my coin?

Why not? We are good for it. Plus for the coin to be worth $50 you are pushing sales our way so it is a win / win!

How do I get Loyalty Coin updates?

We are starting an exclusive Loyalty Coin newsletter for members and will push coin updates about the market bi-weekly to start.